OUR Philosophy

Grooming is our art

Grooming means we can make a dog look great and feel great, that’s the reward. Building relationships is fundamental as a good connection will help your dog to feel happy & secure. Happy dogs makes for seamless grooms. Safety & comfort is always first.

And style, of course, is at the center of everything we do.

First, choose your package below and select a date and time. A range of additional grooming services you may need are presented prior to checkout.


Additional Services

Can be selected at Checkout following Appointment Booking

Anal Gland Expression

Professional Anal Glands Expression

Nail Grinding

A safe way to keep nails short and free of clacking - following a clipping

Berry Facial

Gentle oatmeal & blueberry formula to remove stains without irritating

Whitening Treatment

Safely remove discoloration. Treatment to enhance a coat back to its natural shine.

De-Shedding Treatment

Removes undercoat & loose hair


Questions and Answers

Customer Testimonials

Let's face it, some dogs (mine) see a bath or a nail clipper and have an instant allergic reaction. Now You're Clean is the perfect balm for that itch, with their soothing & gorgeous decor, sparkling heated (!) backyard and spotless automated self service wash.

Han Pham

Arlette and Emily were lovely introducing me and my pup Churro to the refreshingly scented space (think spa aromatherapy) with kindness & warmth. Now You're Clean is a thoughtfully designed local business I look forward to visiting again & again.

Han Pham (cont.)

Amazing concept, super easy to use. My one bedroom east village apartment is no longer my dog grooming shop as well.

Phil Clark