Unleash the Power of Raw Dog Food: Elevate Your Pet's Nutrition and Health

Hey there, fellow pet parents!

Have you ever stopped to consider what's really in your dog's food? It's a question that hit home for one of our founders, when a friend raised it. Little did she know, the kibble she was feeding her dog, lacked the nutritional punch needed. Sadly, although vet-backed and recommended, it was essentially corn in a bag, stuffed with a bunch of synthetic vitamins and additives. This eye-opening moment sparked Now You’re Clean’s journey into the world of Raw Dog Food. We became determined to uncover the truth behind what makes a diet truly beneficial for our beloved pups.

Learn what sets high-quality raw food apart and why it's the ultimate choice for pet parents who want nothing but the best for their furry companions.

So, what exactly is raw dog food?

Raw diets retain vital enzymes and nutrients, mirroring what dogs would naturally eat in the wild. They're packed with human-grade meats and veggies, free of fillers, flavors, or binders. Think of it as nature's recipe for canine health. Canines thrive on a carnivore-focused biologically appropriate diet, full of nutrition from real whole foods.

Now, let's dive into the myriad of health benefits that make raw dog food the best decision for your dog's nutrition.

What are the health benefits of raw dog food?

  • Healthy Gut Biome: Raw food offers easily digestible nutrients, resulting in smaller, firmer, and less smelly stools. It's all about keeping their digestive systems happy!
  • Hydration Boost: Unlike kibble, raw food is moisture-rich, ensuring your pet stays hydrated and inflammation-free.
  • Strong, Clean Teeth: Say goodbye to dental issues! Raw diets, devoid of sugars and carbs, promote dental health and fight tartar buildup.
  • Softer, Shinier Coat: Nutrient-rich meals lead to healthier skin, reduced allergies, and luscious coats that are soft to the touch.
  • Weight Control: With the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and protein, raw food keeps your pet lean, muscular, and full of energy.
  • Allergy Relief: Combat itching and scratching with an anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense diet that boosts the immune system.

But what separates a high-quality raw diet from the rest?

  • Human Grade, USDA Certified: Ensure the food meets the same standards as human-grade products, meeting the highest standards for safety and quality.
  • Sourcing High-Quality Proteins: Look for organic, grass-fed, and humanely raised proteins, sourced from reputable suppliers. Your pet deserves the best! High quality meats such as organs and grass-fed protein contain high levels of natural nutrition. Therefore, these diets therefore don't need to add synthetic vitamins to achieve required standards of nutrition, it's achieved naturally!
  • No Synthetics or Additives: High quality protein meats such as organs and grass-fed protein derives essential nutrients from natural sources, eliminating the need for synthetic vitamins and additives that can upset your pet's digestion.
  • No Low-Quality Fillers: Avoid cheap fillers like peas and corn, which offer little nutritional value and can lead to health issues. Cheaper brands will use these fillers instead of higher quality proteins and organic produce.
  • Low Glycemic Recipes: Opt for recipes low in complex carbohydrates to reduce inflammation, aid digestion and support overall health.
  • No Inflammatory Oils: Choose raw diets with healthy fats like fish oil or coconut oil, steering clear of cheap vegetable oils that can cause inflammation.
  • Limited Ingredients, Balanced Ratios: Seek out recipes with a single source of animal protein and a balanced mix of essential nutrients derived from whole food produce, meeting AFFCO standards for optimal canine nutrition. Just like our food - beware of ingredients you're not familiar with or that you could not purchase from a local grocer / butcher.
  • Safety: Prioritize brands that employ rigorous testing procedures to ensure their food is free of harmful bacteria, keeping both your pet and your family safe.

Discover the transformative power of raw dog food for your beloved pet. From healthier digestion to a shinier coat, raw diets offer a wealth of benefits that traditional kibble simply can't match. With raw dog food, you're not just feeding your pet—you're nourishing their body and soul. Make the switch today and watch your furry friend thrive like never before!