Humble Beginnings

There had to be a better solution!

As New York City pet parents, Arlette and Nicola have long suffered the challenges that most dog owners face when bathing their dogs—from grappling with the idea of using expensive grooming services to the pain and mess of attempting it at home. As they began to speak to other dog owners, and it became apparent that this was a common sentiment and perception shared by many. 

So, during lockdown 2020, they began looking for other options, but all they found were a few “tub and a bottle of shampoo” style set-ups. In a dog-friendly metropolis like New York City, where pet owners value their dogs as members of their families, they knew that there had to be a better solution.

With nearly a million dogs living in New York—who are loved (and washed!) by households of every demographic—Arlette and Nicola knew they were part of a diverse and growing consumer base in desperate need of a solution. They’re focus was on creating a great customer experience (for both humans and dogs) so owners can enjoy washing their own dogs in an easy and fun way. Nicola and Arlette decided to take matters into their own hands, and Now You’re Clean was founded - featuring NYC’s first automatic self service dog washing spa & boutique.